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Growth is a mindset. Trust and transparency are fundamental. Ambition drives everything. And potential beats experience, every time. Do you agree?

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No one ever said shipping was an easy industry to build startups in. That is why we work closely with our industry partners to validate business models for both product/market fit and growth potential. Moreover, we put all our resources at your disposal from day one, supporting you through early product development, recruitment, fundraising and general administration. This is because we believe our founders and builders should focus on what they do best: building companies and products that will transform the maritime industry.


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Going from an idea to real product-market fit isn’t always easy. Nevertheless, it’s a critical step toward making your startup a success. That’s why we put ideas through a rigorous validation process before we launch them. Whether you have a maritime tech idea you’d like to test out, are looking for a co-founder for your existing startup, or are seeking resources and support in starting a venture, we’d love to hear from you.

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Hit the ground running with ideas pre-validated by industry and venture building experts – to solve a problem that really matters.


A network of experts and decision makers in shipping, venture building, tech/product development and venture capital.


Prototype in no time! Our experienced team of developers and industry connections will allow you to build and test your product on real users quicker than you could otherwise.


Focus on your team, product and customers while we take care of administrative tasks – no need to reinvent the wheel.


Change a trillion-dollar industry and the way > 80% of goods are transported globally.

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